Oil & Gas consultancy

ENCON proactively advocates for organizational growth, and our highly qualified and experienced managers engineers, field specialists, and experts are a great source of insight into the Algerian oil and gas sector. We carry out professional consultancy services aimed at continuous improvement of the organizational management system and operational performance. Our internal and external human resources sourcing screening has a direct impact on strategic businesses development aimed at translating organizational goals into measurable and effective performance objectives.

As part of ENCON consultancy services, we offer the following:

  • Environment impact study
  • HSE policies review
  • Quality Control procedures, Industry codes, and standards. ASME. API…
  • Risk assessment, HAZOP Danger survey.
  • Infrastructure, architecture, civils and structure
  • Electricity, Instrumentation, and Control systems
  • Green and Renewable Energy

We are made up of industrial maintenance experts that make use of advanced intervention tools and technology to ensure your company’s business health improvement. Some of the models that ENCON consultancy services are derived from include:

  • Malcolm Baldrige Continuous improvement.
  • Balanced scorecard
  • KPI for successful business and customers.

Field & In-House Training and Coaching

Our customized field and in-house training programs in the oil and gas industry are quite comprehensive. We offer these coaching and training programs to our clients at their request that cover all the major areas in the field. With our profound oil and gas knowledge and expertise, we will bring your employees up to par with the current trends in the oil and gas field. The main areas of training include but are not limited to:

  • Process engineering codes & standards
  • Overview of upstream oil & gas industry
  • Fluid phase behavior
  • Line sizing (oil /water/gas /flares) and hydraulics
  • Pump sizing and hydraulics
  • Process simulation (Aspen Hysys / Aspen Plus)
  • PFD & P&ID development (AutoCAD)
  • Separator/surge tank/heaters/sand filter sizing
  • PSV/ Valves /PCV/LCV sizing
  • Meters Sizing (gas and liquids)
  • Tanks/ wastewater treatments Modules
  • Reverse osmosis system design
  • Calcs Note civils/Structures/Firefighting system/Earthling systems…etc.

Technical Assistance and Human Resource Sourcing

Human Resource Sourcing

ENCON can support any Oil and Gas Company in conducting a secured recruitment campaign through candidate profiles requirements set up for each job offer. We provide professional talent acquisition services that will ensure your company only works with the most qualified workforce. Besides that, we will also equip your employees with the current expertise that is pertinent to the Oil & Gas industry. You can rely on us for the following services:

  • Managing technical recruitment interviews
  • Training and coaching new teams
  • Management of emergency human resource shortages
  • Setting up of an oil and gas businesses technical HR management system
  • Provision of technical HR support consultants
Technical Assistance

Having a partner that will support you in your business is one of the best ways to overcome the challenges in the market. Part of our main activities is the provision of valuable technical backup to new and existing companies in the oil and gas industry. We are fully equipped, capable. And prepared to work with you in developing your operations to achieve your objectives. ENCON offers its technical assistance to local and international oil & gas operators in the following areas:

  • Introduction of new oil & gas services into the local market
  • New creation and investment in the local oil and gas market
  • Carrying out the regulatory compliance case study
  • Management and support of oil and gas projects
  • Development and support of all oil & gas services and products projects