Oil & Gas Engineering & Design

Oil and gas process equipment design and resizing

ENCON is a specialist in the designing and sizing of surface production process equipment, our technical team has extensive knowledge and expertise in the onshore oil & gas sector.

We have years of experience in well testing and production facilities operations; also, in the maintenance and expertise of the equipment and processes working conditions and equipment readiness, and engineering services.

  • Temporary pipework
  • Three Phases Separators (H/V), Gas scrubbers surge tanks, storage tanks burners
  • Pipeline sizing and flare lines
  • Manual and automatic Valves, Pressure and liquid control valves and pressure relief valves sizing.
  • Rupture discs and gas and liquid orifices5. Oil and Gas Choke sizing
  • Oil and gas flow meters sizing
  • Flare heat dispersion
  • Pumpand compressor sizing (gas, liquid, and air)
  • Cryogenictanks sizing and design

Modular Skids

ENCON designs and installs custom-made Modular Skids that are compatible with your requirements. We participate in the planning of the placement, depending on the technical specifications and/or requirements of our clients. We will provide you with cost-efficient mobile skids that consume minimal space and conform to safety standards. You can make requests for engineering, design, maintenance, and operational programs of the following types of skids from us:

  • Metering skids
  • Filtration Skids
  • Pumping Skids
  • Fuel Gas skids
  • Liquid level and flow control skids
  • Fire Fighting pumps and deluge skids
  • Chemicals Injection Skids
  • Trailer Mounted packages

Welding services

ENCON is an expert in equipment engineering design thus a reliable partner when it comes to your welding requirements. We have coded welders that are skilled and available at your request. You can also consult us for the qualification of welders and the approval of welding procedures.

We deploy high-quality SMAW, GTAW, and GMAW techniques to your equipment, processes, and facilities for optimum fusion, thus improving performance.

Water and waste water treatment solutions

The oil and gas industry is among the largest consumers of water, thus it causes significant water pollution. Significant amounts of wastewater are generated from the upstream and downstream activities of the oil and gas industry. Faced with high standards for environmental protection, this water requires to be cleaned and treated before being released into the environment, as it can be highly harmful to the environment fauna and flora.

ENCON uses approved and tested module systems to clean the waste water. We select the technology using an evaluation procedure that is tailored to the specific requirements of each site. We treat the wastewater produced in the oil and gas industry as a priority and adhere to both Algerian and international environmental statutes. Some of the activities that we are involved in include:

  • Reverse osmosis solution containerized package solution or plant design and sizing.
  • Wasted water treatments package design and sizing micro mobile package ckarifier sizing.
  • Sand Bed sizing and design